Month: August 2018

Evaluation meeting in Sofia

Evaluation meeting in Sofia

From 9th to 12th of August we took part in the final international meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The aim of the meeting was to summarize all stages of the project, evaluate all activities and collaboration. Moreover, we have prepared final events of the project which are – Open Days organize in our countries on October 2018.

The project is coming to an end and we are proud of our main results which are modules of non-formal education about health. During this long partnership we personally become friends, we exchanged our experience and learned a lot from each other.

We have spent lovely days in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria with our friends and we are grateful to host organization Bulsport for taking care of us and creating a great atmosphere to work on the project.

Thank you Joanna Dochevska, Kalinka Gudarovska and Ivaylo Zdravkov! 🙂

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