Month: February 2019

Start Now! becoming a “Good Practice”

Start Now! becoming a “Good Practice”

The project „Start Now!: Strategic partnership for health promotion among youth”, officially has come to the end. We are very proud of the project’s results, especially the modules of non-formal health education. Polish National Agency evaluated the project as a very good and crowned it with the „Good Practice”.

The collaboration of our 3 partner’s countries has been very successful and inspiring. We have been still working together on other assignments with Social Policy and Action Organization. We conduct the project: „React-Act-Prevent Sexual Violence Through Youth Work”.

It is not the end of the modules and approaches that have been presented in the method. Our Organizations as a primary NECs are going to promote them and disseminate them all over the World. We include the method in our daily work, projects, and activities. We still can certify new organizations and our e-course still exist.

We are full of hope that we Inspire You to discover new methods and new ways of health education.

START NOW! Strategic partnership for health promotion among youth