Bulgarian Open Days

Bulgarian Open Days

During the Open Days (12-16th of October 2018) organized by Bulgarian Sports Development Association, many activities such as:

info points,



will be held in different areas of Sofia city.

We encourage young people interested in healthy living to take part in special activities!

Cyprus Open Days

Cyprus Open Days

The Social Policy and Action Organization organizes Open Days in term 12-16th of October 2018. The main event  – the Info Day will be held on 13th October from 17: 00-20:00 pm at Cafeneio Prodromos.

The event is open to anyone wishing to spend a beautiful, enjoyable fun afternoon by:

  • taking part in interactive exercises and games, parts from the Training Modules developed through the project.
  • learning about the EU Erasmus + program and the opportunities offered to young people, and
  • getting to know other young people for interesting discussions and exchanging ideas.

Open Day in Poland!

Open Day in Poland!

“Start now!” project is coming to an end. All results were developed in a strategic partnership. It is time to disseminate them during the events in all project’s countries.

We would like to announce and invite beneficiaries for the Polish main event – Open Day which will be organized on 12th of October 2018 in Opole, Poland.

During the Open Day, we are going to organize a conference which will take place in the City Hall in Opole. After the conference, we would like to invite you for workshops: “Train your brain” and “Stress less”.

Evaluation meeting in Sofia

Evaluation meeting in Sofia

From 9th to 12th of August we took part in the final international meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The aim of the meeting was to summarize all stages of the project, evaluate all activities and collaboration. Moreover, we have prepared final events of the project which are – Open Days organize in our countries on October 2018.

The project is coming to an end and we are proud of our main results which are modules of non-formal education about health. During this long partnership we personally become friends, we exchanged our experience and learned a lot from each other.

We have spent lovely days in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria with our friends and we are grateful to host organization Bulsport for taking care of us and creating a great atmosphere to work on the project.

Thank you Joanna Dochevska, Kalinka Gudarovska and Ivaylo Zdravkov! 🙂

8th edition of the Family Picnic in Opole

8th edition of the Family Picnic in Opole

We had a pleasure to participate in a great event – Family Picnic (8th edition) which was organized in Opole by CDO (Centrum Dialogu Obywatelskiego). The picnic takes place cyclically and provides an opportunity to present local NGOs.

During this event HOPP Association had an opportunity to conduct another workshop – “All you need is…WATER” among youth in Opole community. We have met with great interest of youth and gather a lot of workshop’s participants. 

Moreover, we had a possibility to inform other organizations about our project and its result which is e-course. We have invited them to join other students on our platform.

The picnic ran in a very nice, family atmosphere. The weather was good, so that the workshops could be held outdoors, in a beautiful scenery, right on the Odra River. Thanks to the organizers for the opportunity to take part in the event.

Polish NECs in action

Polish NECs in action

Among certified polish organizations are:

  1. Center of the Eastern Partnership in the University of Opole
  2. Foundation of helping children and families Horyzont in Opole
  3. EduNeo Foundation
  4. Community Day Care Center “OAZA”

Workshops carried out by new NECs based on modules: All you need is…water and Our health is our largest property and they were implemented among children and students in Opole. 

Health related Organization for Promotion and Prevention also carried out the workshop during the youth exchange “Future health – our challenge” which took place in April 2018 in Opole. Workshop was implemented among youth from: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany and Romania. During this workshop several health campaigns were created as a result of the conducted module.

Modules implementation on Cyprus

Modules implementation on Cyprus

After training course we have certified 5 organizations from Cyprus:

  1. KEY Innovation in Culture, Education and Youth 
  2. Pancyprian Association of Single Parent Families and Friends
  3. Achilles Preventive and Counseling Center for drug addiction
  4. Cyprus Volunteer Doctors
  5. Cyprus Red Cross Youth Section

Our new Non formal Education Centers (NECs) have implemented workshops based on the project’s modules. They chose such modules as: Shall we socialize? and Stress less modules. 

Social Policy and Action Organization also conducted a workshop with Shall we socialize module among youth in Nicosia.


Bulgarian NECs implement the modules

Bulgarian NECs implement the modules

6 Bulgarian organizations become NECs (Non formal Education Center) after the training course in Głuchołazy.

In May 2018 they have implemented workshops in their organizations among youth they work with.

Among all our modules they chose the most: Shall we socialize?, All you need is… water, Professional sports – angel or demon?, LOL, Our health is our largest property modules.

The implementation effect was multiplied thanks to the addition workshops carried out by the Buslport organization.

Young leaders shared with us their experience, feelings about implementation and also the photos from the workshops.

List of bulgarian NECs:

  1. We are One Wild Live Org
  2. Associacion of Bulgarians with asthma and COPD
  3. Confederation health protection
  4. YOUTHub Bulgaria
  5. Sport club Levski Spartak
  6. Student organization AIESEC
Portal with modules is working!

Portal with modules is working!

During the project, in total 20 educational modules have been developed, ready to be used by youth leaders. In total 4 categories of issues (different areas), were approached with each category composed of at least 5 educational modules. These are as following:

  1. Environmental Health
  2. Healthy Diet
  3. Health Promotion and Prevention Diseases
  4. Physical Activity

All modules are suitable for both youth and adults. Modules have been adapted to the specific age of beneficiaries (topics, methods, knowledge). 

Each module holds a number of stars, dividing the level of difficulty: one-star module (*) is dedicated to the youngest, two-star modules (**) to teenagers and three-star modules (***) to students and even adults.

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